My TEDx talk – why we shouldn’t be scared of sharing our personal data

by Ivan Mazour

With all the news and media right now about why we should keep our data private, I wanted to give a talk about the alternative – why it’s important for us to not be scared of sharing our personal data.

One day I’ll write a post about how I prepared this talk, chose which TEDx event to give it at, and then applied and got accepted. A huge thank you to TEDxKingstonUponThames for organising such an amazing event with 900 people in the audience. And a huge thank you to my wife Tijan too – to find out why, you’ll have to watch the video..


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And watch Ivan Mazour's TEDx Talk - "Why we shouldn't be scared of sharing our personal data".


Steve Tuck September 10, 2018 - 11:14 am

Good points, well made.
Given yet another well-publicised hack this week, what are your thoughts on
a) is there a role for federation of what info is to be disclosed, to whom, and for how long
(I quite like Github’s model)

Ivan Mazour September 10, 2018 - 2:06 pm

Oh definitely – the ultimate optimal scenario is that we are fully aware and in control of what is shared, to whom, for how long and for what purpose. There are two big challenges with this. The first is the technology to enable this, but that’s a problem which will be solved very soon. The second is our ability as humans to conceptualise and truly understand and manage that amount of rules. I don’t believe in my personal ability to truly decide and oversee, on any kind of granular level, what data I share and with whom. It would take up my entire life, or certainly a huge proportion of my thinking and worrying time, to even attempt to do this. I’d rather simply accept that I will be hacked, as I have just been last week as a BA flying club member, and that now my card is compromised, and that I either change my card, or accept that I’ll have a headache to recover my funds if my card does get used.

Steve Tuck September 10, 2018 - 5:37 pm

Re. BA: Yep, it’s messy. I assume they were already inside their network ages ago, and recently made enough noise to get noticed?
Apart from Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, other companies I hope could play for the federation space as it doesn’t feel like a natural monopoly to me. I would suggest Verisign, LastPass, FirstPass etc.. We already entrust multiple secrets to them; heaven forbid if they are seriously hacked. I would prefer an open-source solution so that it could be scrutinised.


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